Amrit Ras


(16 customer reviews)

Special Features:

  • Anti-cough drops
  • Powerful remedy to boost immunity naturally
  • Instantly feel relief in sore throat
  • 100% natural; made with herbs & spices
  • No Preservatives | No Added Sugar

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Combination of extracts of (ocimum gratissium, ocimum citridorum, occimum canum, occimum basilicum, vasica, trachyspermum ammi, mentha piperita, cinnamomum, verum, piper nigrum, zingiber officinate, curcuma longa)

  • Tulsi Leaves
  • Ardusi Leaves
  • Black Pepper Seeds
  • Mint Leaves
  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon
  • Ajwain Seeds &
  • Turmeric

RHN Products are formulated with the Research & Guidance by one of
World’s Leading Certified Health Coach & Advanced Supplement Advisor
Shivangi Desai

Shivangi Desai with world’s renowned
Celebrities | Trainers | Coaches | Mentors

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Customer Reviews (4.93)

(16 customer reviews)

16 reviews for Amrit Ras


    Hello Shivangi mam… I m ayutansh singh from lucknow… I have taken your two supplements Amritras and Super Greens i want to tell you that i m soo excited after seeing the results of these on me…my sore throat gone in 4 days only after taking Amritras which is not cured by antibiotics of 15 days..Amritras cure my sore throat just in 4 days…thankyou so much for making so magical supplements… I want to share Super greens feedback also … I was suffering with low immunity because of viral and bad lifestyle …i had issues like bloating, constipation etc…but after taking your Super greens for 20 days i m feeling so immune strong and my constipation is gone like a magic it’s magical for me…. Amritras and super greens are worked for me like magic supplements for me ….thankyou so much for making soo good supplements for us Shivangi desai mam

  2. Ritesh Soni


  3. Ritesh Soni

    Amritras good product

  4. ritesh1982soni

    Amritras good product

  5. Praveen Attri (verified owner)

    Before using the RHN products, I daily consumed tea first thing in the morning. Then I ordered family pack RHN and started Super greens and antioxidants. Slowly, my craving for tea disappeared and bowels started clearing easily. I also started doing workout and Milk Masala protein isolate helped me in gaining strength. Multivitamin tablet is superb. I took it before sleeping and it helped me in good sleep. Best part of RHN products is that they do not give bloating stomach feeling.

  6. Kushal Dwivedi (verified owner)

    “This is the only protien powder which is liked by my wife first time in the life. I always used to recommend her different powder because of certain medical reasons but she was not liking any of them. This was first time when she liked any of the protien powder. Last year she delivered her 2nd baby and then she was feeling quite week and low. But after regular consumption of protien, she got recovered from that very quickly.
    Also the multivitamin helped her a lot to cope with the complications and recovery of it. Before delivery, she was taking pills for thyroid – which is now stopped after taking multivitamin and protien both.

    Also I personally used protien, multivitamin and amritras. With protien, I was able to loose fat quickly without exercise and it helped me a lot to recover from injury. I also lost around 8 kg of weight with help of it. Also I had issue of sore throat due to the weather change – where Amritras helped me to get relief and increase my immunity.

  7. Shobha Patil (verified owner)

    Increasing mussel rate, hair growth, good sleeping, and most of increases the immunity our body ..🙏😍👌

  8. Bhavna

    “Pahle muje adhik constipation ka problem tha jo super green lene se mano gayab hi ho gya hai
    Full of energy
    Achha mood ,freshness
    Multivitamin lene se shiny skin, healthy hair , dandruff problem gayab, calcium , b12, iron level perfect hona
    Strength, immunity n energy badhna
    Protein powder se protein level aana , mussels build hona , thak cum lagna , weight maintain rakhna , fit n fine rahna , ageing rokna , repair strength ese kafi sare benefits mile hai ♥️ “

  9. Madhavi Dalve (verified owner)

    Increased Energy


    “Can Be Used To Prevent Medical Conditions. Some medical conditions stem from one’s lifestyle and the lack of nutrients in the body. …
    Help Improve Your Mood. Taking health supplements daily may have a positive impact on your mood. …
    Increase Energy Levels. …
    Boosts Your Body’s Defenses.”

  11. Sakshi ahuja

    Feel good and energetic

  12. Sakshi ahuja

    Feel energetic

  13. Taral shroff (verified owner)

    Amrit Ras se throat me better hua hai aage se and multivitamin tablets se mera sab vitamins reports me better aaye hai and super green se haemoglobin zyada hua hai

  14. Satish kumar (verified owner)

    Maine Amritras use Kiya tha because mere throat me bar bar infection hota tha cold ki vjh se but isko use krne se mujhe instent relief Mila or ab throat bilkul okay h thanks a lot of for this amazing product I love it

  15. Meenu Tripathi (verified owner)

    I feel energetic after using products of RHN.

  16. Sunil Pandya (verified owner)

    Metabolism increase, immunity increase ,feel energetic.

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