• Unique Advance Formula
    • Helps in Knee' Joint pain
    • Helps in any bone related Issues
    • Helps Arthritis (OA/ RA)
    • Best for Cartilage Health
    • Covering Special Ingredients like (Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Boswellia extract and hyaluronic acid.)
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  • Experience relief from digestive discomfort with these effervescent tablets. Specially formulated to support healthy digestion, these fizzy tablets deliver a soothing blend of enzymes and natural ingredients, helping to ease bloating and promote overall gut wellness. Just drop, dissolve, and enjoy a bubbly solution for your digestive woes. Digestion Plus is formulated using 3 Modalities of Science with Clinically Proven Ingredients: (Ayurveda + Microbiology + Nutraceuticals) Special Features:
    • Ideal for anyone having constipation, gas, bloating, acidity, indigestion or any digestive issues
    • Relieves Indigestion
    • Enhances Nutrient Absorption
    • Promotes Bowel Regularity
    • Supports Gut Microbiome
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  • Sleep+ (30 Capsules)

    A perfect solution for an enhanced sleep experience, sound, deep sleep, better workout recoveries, for jet lags and more energy production. All these benefits in one Sleep+ capsule, developed by Shivangi Desai. With added GABA and melatonin to help you get relaxed, sleep better, release stress and reset circadian biological clocks. It helps you fall asleep by relaxing your mind and gives you a sound sleep throughout the night. This product is the best solution for sleep related, stress & anxiety related and energy related complications.
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  • In today's world, Toxins have become a ubiquitous presence in the bodies of people of all ages, including teenagers, women, and men. Exposure to processed foods, alcohol, cosmetics, chemicals/pesticides, personal care products, and environmental pollution has significantly contributed to the accumulation of toxins in our bodies. This exposure has led to increased inflammation within our bodies, resulting in symptoms such as headaches, weight gain, fatigue, lethargy, and a lackluster complexion. When your liver becomes overwhelmed, toxins can accumulate in your fat and muscle tissues and circulate throughout your bloodstream. RHN provides an effective and potential liver detox formula designed to eliminate these toxins from your body. Liver Plus is formulated with MILK THISTLE & DANDELIAN EXTRACT along with many other Clinically Proven Ingredients. Special Features:
    • Ideal for Liver Health
    • Improves Skin Blemishes
    • Helps in Anti-ageing.
    • Reduce Cholesterol
    • Powerful Full Body Detox Formula
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  • Welcome to the world of SHN (Skin Hair & Nail), your ultimate companion on the journey to healthier and more radiant skin, luscious hair, and stronger nails. Formulated with a powerhouse of ingredients carefully selected to enhance your natural beauty, SHN is here to redefine your wellness routine. Special Features:
    • Enriched Blend for Healthy Hair | Skin | Nails
    • Potent Ingredients
    • Scientifically Formulated
    • No Harmful Additives
    • Clinically Tested
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  • Sale!
    Protein is a crucial nutrient for children aged 2 to 12 years as it plays a fundamental role in their growth and development. During this phase of life, kids are experiencing rapid physical, cognitive, and emotional changes, requiring adequate protein intake to support these transformations. Special Features:
    • 100% Vegetarian product
    • No Preservatives | No Synthetic Colors | No Artificial Flavours
    • No Sweeteners | No Processed Sugar
    • Non GMO
    • Soy-free | Gluten free
    • 300 g Protein Mix Nutrition Powder
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