Our body is made up of trillions of cells. These cells need to work properly if we want to remain fit and healthy forever. What makes these cells work properly? It’s right nutrition. Unfortunately, due to poor quality of food, pollution, pesticides, sedentary lifestyle and environmental toxins, we are unable to get or absorb all essential nutrients. This results in various lifestyle diseases, deficiencies and fatigue along with many health challenges. It is estimated that 9 out of 10 people don’t receive sufficient nutrients from their diet. That’s when I got eager to study about nutrition and supplements in depth and became a Certified Nutrition Coach and Certified Advance Supplement Advisor because I want people to live a healthy and fit life. I researched a lot on what nutrients are most important for effective fat loss, peak performance, stamina, strength and effective recovery from lifestyle diseases.

As a Health Coach, I had been already giving deep education on how body works and what is required to have a healthy body and lifestyle, but then I wanted to give a practical solution to their problems. That’s exactly when I got an idea of starting my own supplement brand.

My husband and guru, Sneh Desai has been using supplements from the last 12 years and I have been using it from the last 6 years. And in order to bring the best to you, we tried supplements from various countries including the US, UK, Australia, Germany, Canada and India. Then my team and I did research and development for 2 years in order to see which products give the best results in the body. That’s how Right Nutrition was found in 2020 where we could create the perfect products I wanted. I wanted to give something which I personally would use and give my family. It shouldn’t cause any side effects but provide essential nutrients required by the body. Personally, after using products of Right Human Nutrition, I have got unimaginable stamina, energy, strength and most importantly along with that it supports me in keeping my hair and skin healthy.



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